Develop a Voice Chat App like Clubhouse

COVID-19 has brought considerable changes in the daily lives of people. Now people can’t go out with that ease as they could before, as social distancing is a must. That’s why, the communication methods with friends, families, and colleagues have not been the same. People are requested to stay indoors as much as possible. And at this time, social networking sites work as a blessing for individuals to continue their essential activities.

Also, with the direct communication hampering- the necessity of voice chat app developmenthas shown a positive upward trend. In fact, this demand paves the way to develop a voice chat app for smooth interactions. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., not only remain as entertainment platforms, but they supported individuals to continue their businesses by introducing new features. As a result, people search for more efficient social networking sites.

This is the reason why Clubhouse came into popularity, i.e., due to this unique communication facility through audio messages. This social site has attracted ten million people in no time. This striking popularity has inspired the app developers to develop a voice chat app like Clubhouse to continue generating profit.

Before moving on to the development cost, let’s know some detail regarding Clubhouse.

Did you Know- What is Clubhouse Voice Chat App?

Clubhouseis a social media platform where voice chats can take place. In March 2020, Clubhouse has formally introduced its iOS version. But the rapid growth of demand for this app has influenced the developers to launch their Android form back-to-back in 2021, in the USA and other crucial markets of the world. Usually, this app helps its users to carry on audio communications.

Through Clubhouse, users can also conduct various communications with separate teams. Here, users are categorized into three sections such as- the speakers who say something, the people who will listen to the speakers, and lastly, listeners and other users who are listening to the speakers. There are virtual places that help individuals to converse with communities or specialists.

There is a chat room where users can start communications on any subject with approximately five thousand people at one time. But for installing this app, you need to have an invitation from a user, as it can’t be downloaded from the play store or Apple store.

Apart from this, there are some more exclusive features in Clubhouse that makes it so popular. These features should be included to make an app like Clubhouse.These features are:

Hassle-free Registration:

Clubhouse is an app that can be downloaded only through invitation. Therefore, if you are planning to create an app like Clubhouse, a simple registration is highly essential. iPhone app development services can support you to build an invitation-only application.

Simple Entry:

After downloading Clubhouse, one has to complete their sign-in process by adding their pictures and names. Then, the individual should pick up the category for entering, select the option, enter into the room, and you are ready to join a meeting. You will be on mute after entering that you can unmute according to necessity.

Newsfeed Section:

The news feed of Clubhouse enables the users to seek some discourses as per your previous search. It prepares a list of several rooms with the people using them.


Notifications notify the users of future meeting times if new followers are there in your chat rooms, etc.Any leading mobile app development company targets to use notifications most efficiently.

Activity part:

This section stores all past communication that users can check whenever required. Users can also know about members who entered sooner or later in the discussions.Therefore, while planning to develop an app like Clubhouse, these features should be included to make it a success.

Steps to build an app like Clubhouse:

There are some strategies that app developers need to follow to create a voice chat app like Clubhouse. They are:

Conducting Market Research:

The app development company needs to conduct adequate research to know the market condition. This is a significant step in the mobile app development process. They need to know the strategies and practices that their competitors engage in. Their strengths and weaknesses should be addressed. A proper and detailed market study is highly effective in identifying how to achieve success.

Know your target audience:

For making any new business venture successful, the authorities should know whom they can target. Simultaneously, identifying the target audience’s expectations is also crucial in app development. The app developing companies must understand the app-related issues, consumers’ demands, and the culture of your target audience. The companies need to build a bonding with the customers. They can arrange some events to know their target customer and their preferences. This will help the companies to gather data and design an app that can fulfill the audiences’ expectations.

Select a business model:

There is a specific business model for Clubhouse which supports them to achieve their goals. Likewise, there should be a robust business strategy for developing a voice chat app like Clubhouse.

High-Standard Design:

Users have many options to select from, and if you want your app to be chosen, then an attractive design is a must. The app should be differently created with exclusive strategies that can attract users.

Determine an Economic Strategy:

There are three financial models- freemium, premium, and advertisement. App developers can pick up anyone technique. Freemium app is free to download; the premium model needs to pay only once.

Develop a team:

There are expert mobile app developers who know every app-related aspect in detail. So, you can hire mobile app developers to create a high-standard application.

Create a minimum viable product:

When the app development team initiates the application development process, they first emphasize forming an MVP (minimum viable product). It has the main operating components that the app developers plan to add to their offerings. Minimum viable product contains significant elements beneficial to meet customers’ preferences.

How much does it cost to develop a voice chat app like Clubhouse?

An approximate cost to develop a voice chat app like Clubhouse can be $25,000 in iOS and $50,000 in Android. The app development cause is dependent on some factors as follows:

  • Selected platform: You can select one forum (iOS or Android) for running your voice chat app, or you can go for multiple platforms (both iOS and Android). Multiple platforms running will be more expensive than a single platform.
  • Design: If you choose advanced design options, the app development will be charged more than traditional techniques.
  • The size of the app development team: If you are hiring an app developers’ section, then the size of the group is also a cost determining factor.
  • Region: The region where your app developers are located will impact app development charges. Besides, there will be a cost difference if you recruit experienced companies than the new launches.

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How much time will be required to create a voice chat app like Clubhouse?

There is no fixed time to create a voice chat app. It may alter as per the inclusion of the advanced feature. Basically, it takes three to five weeks to create a voice chat app with basic features, five to nine weeks for developing an app with moderate elements, and more than nine weeks for advanced features.


It’s quite clear now that due to COVID-19, the demand for voice chat apps has increased significantly. That’s why, if you want to create a voice chat application like Clubhouse, follow all the strategies as discussed in this article or contact the best app development company to successfully develop a voice chat application.