Doordash Business Model and Revenue Sources

Doordash has started to deliver logistics to clients but currently attains popularity as an on-demand food delivery app. It is now one of the most popular companies and has also acquired four companies. So, people who plan to launch new businesses want to know their doordash business model.

Here, we will discuss Doordash business model, how Doordash makes money, the reason for their popularity, etc. It will help entrepreneurs to understand how to develop an app like Doordash.


Doordash is an on-demand food delivery app that receives and delivers orders on food. Their head office is located in San Francisco. At present, it is the most oversized USA food delivery U.S. Company and has a 56% market share. The in-convenience delivery category has a 60% market share.

Doordash is a revolution of technologies connecting local residents and food joints/restaurants with delivery services. There are freelancers or employed delivery people for completing the order.

Leading Features of Doordash:

Five top features of Doordash help the company to become successful. These strategies are the must to include for startups for creating a clone app. They are the following:

1. Recommended list:

The recommended list is one of its top features. Here, they use A.I. to offer an index to the customers according to the clients’ preferences.

2. Top menu:

The sole wish of the company is to run a customer-based operation. So, they include this feature where they offer the most ordered items of a restaurant. So, the customers can order the best menu of the restaurant.

3. Double Rating:

Doordash allows their clients to rate two times- on the quality of food and delivery process and the delivery boy. So, clients can feel more secure.

4. Live Track:

Customers can track the current status of their food with this option. The app sends you updates regarding your food on your gadget.

5. Schedule delivery:

Doordash accepts prior orders. Customers can place orders and schedule delivery even after one week. So, if you have parties or festivals, you needn’t hurry or face harassment.

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A Functioning System of Doordash:

The success of any business depends on the great functionality and services they offer the clients. The better they serve the more competitive edge they will have. Therefore, Doordash tries to provide the best possible services to use this app. They decide their business strategies according to clients’ demands without compromising quality.

Doordash is an on-demand food delivery app that offers some exclusive facilities for its clients. Their strategies attract more users, and their business progresses and generates profits. The following are the functioning ways of Doordash:

  • The company offers benefits to all sections (users, drivers, restaurants)
  • The company has their personal drivers who are called ‘dashers.’
  • The customers need to pay delivery charges between $5 to $8.
  • They charged a 20% commission from restaurants for every order and earned revenue.
  • The drivers earn more than $600 in a year.
  • Their business strategy helps them expand their business in over four-thousand cities and across 340,000 shops in Canada and the USA.

Initially, Doordash has experienced challenges. But it has overcome all barriers and successfully secured good profit. And their business operating model and value proposition help them to become successful.

Value propositions of Doordash:

If you are looking for the Doordash mobile app development process, it is significant to know that they follow the Y structure and business model. It has three segments- users, dashers, and restaurants and they pay equal attention to all of them for keeping them integrated. It helps them to track delivery time and watch their valuation.

Doordash Functioning Process with their Segments:

We have mentioned that Doordash has three segments- users, restaurants, and dashers. They work with all components coherently to carry on their functions properly. Let’s see how Doordash works for its segments:


  • Users get vast restaurant options throughout the city to select
  • Their customer service is available every time and all days of a week
  • The users can track their order status live
  • It offers a pocket-friendly solution to hunger.

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  • Doordash offers a comprehensive client foundation to the restaurants
  • They provide their personal drivers for food delivery.
  • This is a simple way for restaurants to approach people throughout the city.
  • The restaurants can promote themselves through Doordash.


  • Dashers can earn their livings
  • Chance to earn up to $600 P.A.
  • They also receive additional tips from the users, an add-on income for them.

How Does Doordash Operate?

Doordash operates in a four-way marketing strategy. They are the following:

1. Selecting Menu:

The customers can see a wide variety of restaurants and menus in the app. They need to select their favorite dish from the registered restaurants. Customers can use filtered search options to make their search easy.

  1. Pay the bill:

After selecting the menu, the users need to pay the bill to confirm their order. All leading online payment options are included so that customers can pay quickly.

  • Tracking:

The drivers collect the order from the restaurant and deliver the food. Customers can check the delivery update through the app, and this function is mainly meant for clients.

  • Food Delivery:

The drivers deliver the food to the registered address. The delivery charges are included with the bill.So, customers needn’t pay any other costs at the time of delivery. Sometimes clients pay a tip to the dashers, but this is not mandatory.

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The Revenue Model of Doordash:

Whether it is a startup or an established business, there should be some specific strategies for securing profits. A balance is required between expenses and earnings to understand the profit. So, Doordash has a particular revenue model for generating revenue. Let’s check out how Doordash makes money:

There are some sources wherefrom Doordash secures its earnings. The sources include:

  1. Commission: Doordash charges a 20% commission from restaurants when customers order food using this app. This is a prime source of income for Doordash.
  2. Promotions: Doordash allows restaurants to promote themselves through this app. The restaurants need to pay the company to appear on top of the search list. The restaurants get more orders by promoting themselves earning money.
  3. Delivery charges: Doordash delivers food at the customers’ doorstep, and they have delivery charges applicable for this service. This is another source of revenue generation for the company. The delivery fee varies as per the distance, and it ranges between $5 to $8.

Doordash application is available on both Android and iOS platforms. is their official website. Customers can log in through their website to order food.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Doordash?

The cost to develop an app like Doordash depends on some factors. Usually, the price varies from $3,000 to $70,000. The charges will be less if you create the app without anybody’s help. But if you hire mobile app developers from an experienced mobile app development company, it will need more investment. The cost also depends on the platform you choose, features you include, etc.

Conclusion: Doordash Business Model & Revenue

As an on-demand food delivery app, Doordash is highly popular. Their business model and operational strategies help them stand apart in the competition. So, if entrepreneurs want to create an on-demand food delivery app like Doordash, they must have some robust features and strategies in place to survive in a competitive market.