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The lives of people today can’t be imagined without mobile apps. And the growing popularity of mobile apps influences many startups to create their own app. But many similar apps are available in the market, so it’s essential to know how to create unique mobile apps. Here we will discuss some mobile apps for startups with some new ideas for the app.

Let’s check out the top 21 mobile app development ideas for a successful startup in 2022.

21 Best App Ideas for Startup in 2022

1. On-demand Delivery and services app:

On-demand apps have changed the approach of many businesses. So, startups want to create this app. But there are many on-demand delivery and services applications. So, before searching for a mobile app developing company, you need to know which on-demands app can guarantee you success.

Here is a list of some on-demand delivery and services apps:
• Gas delivery app
• Fuel delivery app
• The hyperlocal delivery app, etc.

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2. Mobile wallet app:

The concept of “go cashless” has flourished with the growing use of smartphones. Now people are more comfortable in making digital payments. But there are various online payment apps, so try to include advanced features such as paying bills, split payments, rewards, points. Try to develop an app that people can use easily. The following are some mobile wallet app ideas:

• Agency banking
• Scan & Go
• International Remittance solution
• Digital banking services

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3. Restaurant Management Application:

For getting an advantage in competition in the restaurant industry, every restaurant owner wants to create a restaurant management app. It helps the owners in profit generation. Restaurant apps allow restaurant owners to carry on smooth operations. The customers can book a table, pay in advance through this app, and avail of discounts, rewards, etc. So, it is a good choice for startups.

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4. Last-Mile Delivery Management Solution:

The last-mile delivery management application is inevitable for logistic delivery as it decides the success of logistics and supply chains. So, it can be a good option for the startups to create this solution to handle last-mile deliveries effectively. It offers a real-time tracking option to the drivers and allows them to track their orders.

5. Barter exchange application:

Barter exchange systems prevailed in the old ages before the introduction of money. The Barter app uses this exchange concept to exchange unused products, tools, and things. Digitalization makes this exchange easier, and no money is involved in this system.

6. DOOH and OOH Advertising Management Software and Application:

OOH is always in-fashion advertising strategy, and DOOH is the digital part of this strategy. As a digital advertising mode, DOOH has received high popularity over some years. As a result, OOH advertising companies get many requests for ads. Therefore, it would be a great choice to develop an app for coordination between clients and OOH agencies.

7. Healthcare Solutions:

Healthcare is such a matter that it will always stay relevant. The medical field is now primarily technology-driven and needs to follow many medical processes, which sometimes becomes challenging for people. Therefore, developing a medical app is a great mobile application idea. Creating an app that can schedule an appointment between doctor and patient can be an excellent option for a new project.

8. Bike Ride App:

The bike ride app is a unique mobile app for startups. Bike lovers can schedule bike trips at their particular destination. Other bike riders can search and join previously scheduled rides direct through the application.

9. Disaster Management App:

No technologies are yet explored that can stop a disaster. But an app that can predict a disaster can help take precautionary measures to control the damage. Further, a disaster management app can warn the public and identify some people stuck in danger. So, entrepreneurs can go for creating an advanced disaster management app.

10. Search Goods by Photo Application:

If people can search for products by photo, what else can be greater than that. This can be an innovative solution that enables new business owners to involve users for a long time. Most interestingly, this app has no fixed target audience as people of all ages and gender can use this app.

11. IoT Security App:

Building an IoT security app comes at the top while you plan to launch a new app. IoT has come up as a great technology that can manage all security systems via wi-fi. The users can check CCTV footage and anticipate the locker activities by using this app. This app warns the users if it senses an issue. So, it can easily be a startup’s choice.

12. Blockchain Apps:

Blockchain apps are top-rated and capable of standing apart from many other techniques. Therefore, Blockchain is one of the excellent app development options for startups. Entrepreneurs can create a blockchain tax and invoicing app to help users calculate their payable tax amount.

13. Augmented Reality App for Interior Designing:

Augmented app development for interior designing is an excellent option for startups. This application offers a practical experience by including digital components with the support of a mobile app. With the help of this technology, one can capture an image of their room and match if your selected furniture would go with the color tone.

14. Marketplace App:

Marketplace apps make the life of people easier. Users can shop for various things by using this app and delivering them at home. Buyers also get offers and discounts on this app. The app is highly on-demand at the present marketplace, so it would be beneficial to start a business by creating a marketplace app.

15. Entertainment App:

Entertainment applications are among the most popular apps, especially among movie lovers. This allows the users to enjoy superhit movies and web series at home. So, as a startup, you can also grab this app developing idea.

16. Vehicle Tracking App:

People associated with the transport business need to use this solution to track the location of outgoing vehicles and the position of drivers. So, this becomes a part & parcel of transport business. So, you can also try this app while thinking about developing a mobile application.

17. Covid-19 Tracker App:

At present, this is a highly relevant application idea for startups. It will help people to know the Covid condition in their locality. This app also will warn the users if they come in close contact with a Covid carrier. This app has excellent prospects if it can be created with advanced features.

18. Social networking app:

Social networking applications work as a connector between people throughout the world. It can be used for both social and business purposes. It is a good option for startups to build a social media app with exclusive features.

19. Event Management App:

Event management apps are necessary for the hospitality industry to survive the robust competition. This app allows them to handle their events digitally. Event management apps are time-saving and help to promote brands. So, startups can easily choose to create this app.

20. Fitness App:

If you are a startup and want to launch a simple application, then a fitness app is perfect for you. They are created to help clients with physical workouts, diet & nutrition, and other fitness-related matters.

21. Travel Planning App:

Travel planning apps help users schedule their travel, bookings, and everything from home. This is also a straightforward and suitable option for startups.

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While developing the app, selecting the right platform is essential. Here we share some mobile app ideas for the Android app and some iOS best app ideas. One must evaluate the different factors before implementing any of the idea. The reason is that one idea might holds good for your competitor but it acts as a hurdle for you. For instance, even the cost to hire an app developer varies as per their experience and the same can impact you app budget. You can also go for mobile app development for enhancing user experience.